Acrylic Toe Nails – 50+ Images, Trendy, Short, Long, Caring Tips and How to Apply

what is Acrylic toe nails

What are Acrylic toenails?

Acrylic toe nails can be used over natural toe nails to enhance their appearance, thereby preventing them from any form of damage. They are made of a combination of liquid monomer, powder polymer and get hardened when exposed to the air. After the mixture has been shaped into the preferred shape, it is filled with a top coat.

what is Acrylic toe nails

You really need to try acrylic toe nails, as they enhance your beauty and boost self-confidence. However, they might be expensive but worth it.

Is acrylic good for Toe nails?

It is possible to have acrylic applied to your natural toe nail, but I would advise you to consult a specialist to do it for you as it might seem difficult to do.

Do you know that Acrylic toe nails are often done by people with broken or partially damaged ones? Though most ladies do it for fashion.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Acrylic on Your Toenails?

Acrylic nails are much more expensive, but it’s worth every penny.

Depending on your location, acrylic toe nails should cost around $40 to $70. Comparing to fake toe nails that cost around $8 to $12. Quality matters.

Advantages of Acrylic Toe nails

  1. In terms of appearance, acrylic nails can be made to look better than your natural ones, making them more fashionable and attractive.
  2. Acrylic toe nails provide extra protection to your natural nails, hence protecting them from damage as a result of tight shoes, sports activities, everyday wear and tear, and other factors.
  3. In terms of durability, acrylic nails are durable and can be used for several weeks without needing to refill.
  4. Acrylic nails are simple to maintain but might be expensive.

Acrylic Toe nails’ Disadvantages

  1. Acrylic toe nails can cause infection or injury. Infection can result from improper application and removal.
  2. Acrylic nails can be costly, especially if you need to reapply them often or need to make repairs.
  3. Not everyone likes the look of acrylic nails and prefers natural toe nails, or not everyone that acrylic nails fit.
  4. Acrylic nails can restrict natural movement and cause discomfort, making them painful and unattractive.

Fake Toe Nails

Fake toenails are artificial or synthetic nails that have been applied to natural toe nails in order to improve their appearance. Examples are acrylic, gel, or silk.

Fake toenails may be filed and shaped to match the natural shape of your toe nails.

How to Fix Acrylic toenails

Acrylic toe nails

Acrylic toenails offer a cost-effective and easy way to transform your toe nails into beautiful ones. Here is a guide on how to make acrylic nails for your next pedicure. 

  1. Get your nails ready – Before you work on getting acrylic toe nails, ensure your nails have been properly prepared. First, trim and file your nails in the desired shape. Once you have created your desired shape, you can clean the nail surface with an acetone-free nail polish remover. This removes any oils and debris that might prevent the acrylic from sticking properly.
  2. Apply basecoat – To protect your nails from staining, apply a basecoat to your toe nails. This will make it easier for the acrylic to stick to your nails and ensure the base coat is completely dry before moving on to the next stage.
  3. Apply acrylic – Use a small amount to coat the surface of the acrylic powder. Mix the powder with some liquid monomer, continue to mix until it forms a dough-like consistency. This mixture should be applied to your toe nails with a brush. Begin at the cuticles and work your way down. Keep going until you achieve the desired thickness.
  4. File the acrylic – Once it has hardened, shape it using a nail filing tool. You must file with care to not damage your natural toe nails.
  5. Apply a top coat – To finish the pedicure, apply a topcoat on your toe nails. This protects acrylic from scratches and chips. It also gives your nails a shiny, polished look.

How to Take Care for your Acrylic Toe Nails

Taking care of your acrylic nails is essential to preserve their beauty and longevity. I will state some tips to properly take care of your acrylic toe nails. 

  1. Avoid anything that involves water or you soaking your feet inside water, such as swimming, bathing, and soaking your feet inside a tub. Water can damage acrylic material and cause it to crack or fall apart. 
  2. A second important tip is to use a nail file at least once a week to keep nails looking smooth.
  3. Avoid using any harsh chemicals on acrylic nails, such as nail polish removers or cleaning products. These can cause discoloration and damage. You should use gentle, nourishing products specifically designed for artificial nails; consult a specialist for further information. 

These simple tips will help you keep your acrylic toe nails looking great and lasting.

Things to Avoid When you get the Acrylic toe nails

Acrylic toenails

Acrylic toe nails have become a popular choice for many. However, there are things to avoid to ensure your nails look great and stay healthy. These are the top things you should avoid when caring for acrylic toe nails. 

  1. Overcutting the Nails – Cutting your nails too close to the edge can make them weaker and more susceptible to being damaged. You should leave enough nail for acrylic protection and allow them to grow without feeling uncomfortable.
  2. Avoid harsh chemicals – When cleaning your nails, the use of harsh chemicals such as acetone and other cleaning products to clean around the nails can cause the acrylic to lift or peel. Instead, you should use warm water and gentle soaps to clean the area around your nails. 
  3. Avoid sharp objects – When caring for your acrylic toe nails, sharp objects such as scissors and tweezers that can cause damage to the acrylic nails should be avoided. This would make them more susceptible to cracking or chipping.

To keep your nails looking great, you should treat them gently and with care. These simple steps will help keep your acrylic toe nails looking great and lasting longer.

How Long do Acrylic Toe nails last?

Acrylic toenails last between 4 and 5 weeks before needing to be replaced; however, the nail fixer has a role in its longevity.

You don’t need a refill as often as acrylic is applied to your toes. Because your toenails tend to grow much slower than your fingernails, this is why they don’t require a fill-in as often.

Acrylic Toe Nails can generate Fugus Infections  

Your Acrylic toenails can create an ideal environment for fungal growth by creating a warm, moist atmosphere. You should seek immediate treatment if you notice any fungal infection to your toenails before you apply acrylic toenails. 

It can get trapped under the acrylic and be very difficult to treat, thereby leading to whitlow. To stop the spread of the fungal infection, keep your feet neat and dry always. You should consult your healthcare professional to diagnose and treat a fungal infection.

Press on nails – Application

You can apply press-on toenails at home; they basically don’t need a specialist. Press on nails are made from a stretchy material that fits the shape and can stick to your natural nails easily. 

The good thing is you can customize your look with a range of colors and designs, they can be applied quickly and removed easily without the necessity of chemicals or Ultra Violet light. To avoid damage to your nails, it is important that you properly clean and prepare your nails before applying the press-on nail.

These steps can be used to remove Acrylic Toes nails

  1. Get warm water. They can completely soften your acrylic nails. You can do this by Soaking your feet in a warm soapy water for about 5-15 minutes.
  2. Cut the acrylic toenail with a nail file/nail clipper. Do not damage your natural nail, please.
  3. Next, use an orange wood stick or a pusher cuticle to lift the acrylic off your natural nails.
  4. Now apply acetone by soaking a cotton ball with acetone and wrapping each toe in aluminum foil. Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Remove any remaining acrylic, and continue this process if necessary.
  6. Lastly, moisturize your nail cuticles. After you have removed the acrylic, moisturize them with a cream or nourishing oil.


Acrylic nails have grown to be a safe and popular way to make your toenails look more attractive. Acrylic toenails are easy to maintain and look great. It is crucial to follow the instructions of the provider when applying acrylic nails.

This will ensure that they are properly applied and safe. To prolong the life of acrylic nails, it is important to take preliminary steps like drying and cleaning them. Acrylic nails are a cost-effective and safe way to add beauty to your toes without spending a lot of money.

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