Acrylic Top Coats For Nails – Why its Essential

Acrylic nails are artificial enhancements on your nails that are made by mixing a liquid monomer with a powdered polymer. This tends to create a protective, strong layer on top of natural nails, which are durable and flexible and allow you to customize the length and shape of your nails according to your preference.

Why Top Coat is Essential?

Top coats are an essential part of any nail-care routine, so you can’t necessarily exempt them from your daily routine. It’s more like a barrier that protects acrylic nails from chipping, peeling, and dullness. Lastly, a top coat also enhances the acrylic nails’ appearance and shine, giving them a polished look.

How to Apply Top Coat on Acrylic Nails

  1. As usual, start by applying your acrylic nail.
  2. Apply your desired nail polish to the acrylic nails. You can skip this part if it has been done already.
  3. Once your acrylics are dry, clean them by rubbing them with alcohol.
  4. Now, apply a topcoat on the acrylic nail.
  5. Let the topcoat dry. However, if you are using a gel-based top coat, then a UV lamp can be used for drying.

Three Solid Benefits of Top Coat on Acrylic Nail

  1. Improved Durability: Top coats on acrylic nails tend to add an extra layer to protect the nails, increasing their durability. They also provide a protective shield to protect against daily wear and tear. This ensures that your nails stay intact and long-lasting.
  2. Glossy Surface: Topcoats on acrylic nails provides a high-gloss surface that enhances the beauty of nails. The glossy finish tends to give your nails a polished, professional look.
  3. Extended Lifespan: Applying a top coat on your acrylic nails will extend the lifespan of your manicure. The topcoat helps seal acrylic nails and prevents premature lifting or breaking, ensuring your nails stay intact for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Top Coat et Acrylic Nails

1. How often can I use Top Coat on Acrylic Nails?

Applying Top coat on your acrylic nails every 5-7 days will maintain their shine and durability and protect them from removing unnecessarily.

2. Can I Use any topcoat for my acrylic nails?

Yes! But use a topcoat specifically made for acrylic nails to achieve optimal results and compatibility. These topcoats have been designed to stick well to the acrylic surface and provide protection and shine.

3. How long can I keep Top Coats on acrylic nails before removing them?

Acrylic top coats can be used on both natural and acrylic nails. The acrylic topcoat adds a protective layer and improves the shine of natural nails.

4. Can I apply a top coat over my existing polish?

You can add nail polish to the topcoat if you wish. Make sure that your topcoat is dry completely before adding nail polish. This will prevent streaking and smudging.

5. Can I remove only the top coat on my acrylic nail?

It is possible to remove top coat without removing your acrylic nails. The steps to remove the top coat are the same as those described earlier. Reapply the fresh coat if you wish.


It is important to apply topcoat on your acrylic nails in order to maintain their durability and beauty of acrylic nails. This top coat provides protection while extending the life of your manicure.

You can have flawless, vibrant nails by following good application techniques and nail care habits and being aware of the maintenance procedures. Prioritize the health of natural nails, and seek professional advice if you have any concerns.

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