[2023 Fashion] 12 Colours That Go With Grey(Gray) Clothes

You can’t include black and white as neutral colours in your wardrobe without introducing the colour, Grey. It doesn’t matter if it’s a date night, a birthday party, beach time or a wedding; you can never go wrong with the colour grey.

An exciting fact about Grey is that it’s not gender-based; whether you are a man or woman, you can rock any grey outfit. An essential factor of fashion is the colour combination. Trust me, it’s not about the clothing brand, but how you mix your outfits; that brings us to the topic: What colour can Grey go with?

Grey can’t go with just any colour. We will learn about colours that Grey can go with. Examples of colours that Grey can go with are Red, Black, Yellow, White, Pink, Etc.

12 Colours that go with Grey Clothes – 2023 Fashion

1. Red and Grey

Red and grey are a perfect combination for that date night; there are varieties of ways you can combine Red and Grey:

  • A red top with grey trousers or a grey skirt.
  • A red dress can be paired with grey accessories such as a scarf and shoes.
  • A red cardigan on top of a grey shirt or dress.
  • Red and grey stripes on a sweater or shirt.
  • Grey daddy’s jeans and red crop top

The combination of red and grey can create a dynamic and bold look that is both timeless and modern.

2. Grey and grey 

It’s impossible to try other colour combinations without trying the grey-to-grey combination. Yo! Gray is the new black, versatile colour that’s very popular in fashion.

It’s true that Gray can be combined with any colour to make a fashionable look, but what about pairing grey with grey? It is possible to create a grey–on–a grey look that doesn’t make you look like a walking shadow. Grey and grey can be stylish and sophisticated if you use the right shades and textures.

3. Black and Grey

You can never go wrong with grey and black; it’s a classic combination you should try. Black can obviously go with any colour, but black and grey are divine.

The black and grey combination is good for going to the gym or any occasion that doesn’t involve romance. It is better to wear grey and black together than to match different shades of grey. This will make your look more interesting.

4. Pink and Grey

Combining grey and pink can be elegant yet playful. Gray is a neutral colour that allows pink to shine or pop out, while pink gives the look warmth and femininity. 

This combination can be worn in many pieces, such as a grey suit with a pink blouse and a pink dress with grey sneakers. This combination is great for layering. For example, a grey sweater can be worn over a pink blouse or a pink scarf on top of a grey coat.

5. Green and Grey

Because they are both neutral and earthy, they make a great combination. Gray can be used as a neutral base to allow bolder colours like green to shine, while green can bring a sense of life and freshness. 

This combination works well with a grey jacket paired with a sleeveless shirt or a dress with grey accessories. To create different moods or styles, you can mix and match shades of green and grey.

6. White and Grey

Like black, white is a neutral colour that can go with almost any outfit you can think of. Grey and white outfits are a great way of adding style to your closet. The pleasant clothing combination can work well for casual outfits or formal looks for special occasions like weddings. 

These two colours are classic and timeless but can also be used in various ways, like subtle monochromatic designs or bolder contrasting ones.

7. Brown and Grey

Grey and brown are two colours you might not consider when it comes to clothing combinations. Both grey and brown are neutral colours, so you can create many looks, from classic to bold.

But you should know that the grey combination of grey and brown might not be flashy. However, a light brown with grey could make a difference. 

8. Blue and Grey

Do you need the perfect clothes for an adventure? Blue and grey would do justice to that. It’s a timeless colour combination that can be used in many different ways.

However, I have seen many fashionists say that grey and blue can be difficult to put together to get perfect wear. I would suggest blue should be your top and grey trousers or jeans.

9. Beige and Grey

Grey and Beige may sound boring at first glance, but it isn’t! You can have fun with these neutral colours, even though they can give an outfit a polished and cultured look. Pair a grey sweatshirt and beige shorts for a casual, playful look.

The good news about Grey and Beige is that more colours can be added to make it look more classic, giving it a unique and fun twist. To add variety to your outfit, you can experiment with textures, such as pairing a fuzzy grey sweater with a smooth grey skirt. 

10. Purple and Grey

Although you may not see purple and grey together, it creates a stunning, elegant, and eye-catching look. Grey and purple are great combinations that boost your self-confidence or add colour to your clothing collection. You can create many looks with the right pieces!

11. Yellow and Grey

Yellow is a colour that represents positivity and happiness. This colour is a great choice to brighten up your grey outfit. A bright yellow shirt can be paired with muted grey trousers or a skirt. 

You can also add a scarf or coat of yellow to your plain grey dress. These colours will give off an optimistic, soothing vibe.

This colour combination can be further enhanced by using grey accessories to complement a yellow jumpsuit or dress. It would be stunning to have the dull grey accents against the bright yellow background.

12. Orange and Grey

Not a common colour combination; however, the combination can boost your confidence. For the guys, an orange top with grey trousers is a perfect fit for that beach party. Not a good combination for a date night; it looks odd.

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