12 Easy and Creative Drawing Ideas for Kids

Drawing is a way of expressing oneself; if you need drawing ideas for kids, then this article is for you. I have listed up to 12 drawing ideas for kids with pictorial illustrations; these illustrations will give your kid an idea of how to start drawing their desired art.

12 Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids 

  1. Mother and Child 
  2. Little Girl
  3. Butterfly
  4. Girl Drawing 
  5. Pikachu
  6. Dog 
  7. Wolf
  8. Mermaid
  9. Woman Drawing 
  10. Boy Drawing 
  11. Angel
  12. Beautiful Lady 

Mother and Child Drawing Idea

You should know how connected a mother is to her child; this is a perfect drawing idea for a kid who wants to show how mothers love their children. This drawing involves two persons, so it might look tasking at the beginning, but common, and it’s fun to draw such inspiration.

Girl drawing idea

Imagine drawing yourself as a child; that’s what this art symbolizes. If you are a girl child, this is a perfect drawing idea. So if you have been looking for a way to draw a girl child, you can use the above picture as an illustration.

Butterfly Drawing idea 

The most beautiful out there is probably the butterfly. So imagine drawing the most adorable insect, just wow! To Draw a butterfly, start by sketching its basic shape and adding details such as veins and patterns. Experiment with colors and textures for visual interest, and consider including background for context. Take your time when drawing this intricate creature!

School Girl drawing idea for kids

Feminine has been used to represent purity and integrity, it will be a pleasure to make an art of a lady to symbolize one of these qualities. If you are a mom, encourage your child to draw a girl for their school project.

Pikachu Drawing Idea for Kids

Everyone knows Pikachu’s popularity from the pokemon franchise; I loved them when I was a kid, and its a perfect drawing idea for kids. When I used to draw Pikachu, I discovered that Pikachu could be difficult to draw, however following the steps below will guide your child on how to draw Pikachu:

To get started, have your children draw a basic outline of Pikachu, then add details such as eyes, ears, and a tail. Once they have the basics down, they can start to add more complex features, such as facial expressions and clothing. If your children are feeling adventurous, they can even try to draw Pikachu in different poses or with other Pokémon characters.

Dog drawing idea for kids 

A dog is everyone’s favorite pet; why won’t a child want to draw a dog? I personally encourage kids to draw a dog, even though it’s just the dog’s head. Funny enough, dogs are very easy to draw, hence a perfect idea for kids.

Wolf drawing idea for kids. 

Wolf is a wild animal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a perfect drawing idea for kids. So are you looking for a perfect drawing idea for kids? a wolf is a perfect example for you.

Angel drawing idea for kids. 

Kids love to draw angels because they allow them to express their creativity. I have put these steps on how to draw an angel, easy steps for kids:

Start by telling your child to draw a basic outline for an angel. Next, ask them to Include wings and a crown and add details like hair, facial features, and dress. 

Mermaid Drawing idea 

Who would ever think of drawing a mermaid? I wouldn’t think of such either. But let’s give it a second thought: mermaids are beautiful creatures, and they will be fun to draw; hence, it is a perfect drawing idea for your kids.

Women drawing ideas for kids.

As a kid, you won’t draw every other thing without drawing your mother. I personally encouraged kids around me to draw their moms; it’s one of the ways they can express their love to their moms.

Boy drawing idea for kids. 

As a male child, drawing a boy will symbolize how much you love yourself. This should even be the first drawing idea for your male child.

Beautiful Lady Drawing Idea 

I won’t be happy with myself if I don’t add this idea to my list. If you have been to people’s homes, you will discover that most people use beautiful ladies as wallpapers. Drawing a beautiful lady is a perfect idea for your kids.


There are tons of drawing ideas out there, and you can use google image search or Pinterest to get more drawing ideas for your kids. I have listed 12 drawing ideas based on my own experience as a mom. Thanks for reading!

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