150+ Latest Simple and Cute Mehndi Designs for kids and Babies (2023)

Mehndi is also called henna which is a form of traditional body art. It involves the application of a paste that is made from henna to the skin in order to create intricate designs. Mehndi, which is popular with people of all ages but especially children, has a special place at celebrations and festivals. So if you are looking for mehndi designs for kids, then this article is for you, I have compiled tons of mehndi designs for your kids.

Mehndi has always been a part of Indian celebrations for a long time now. Women are mostly found in these designs, whether they are older, in their middle age, or young, they love to decorate their hands with intricate and beautiful mehndi patterns. 

When it comes to applying mehndi to children, the process can be a bit difficult. The kids are too messy and clingy! Children do not have the patience to endure long hours of application. It is best to keep the mehndi designs as simple and elegant as possible. Include more traditional mehndi patterns such as spirals, dots, flowers, paisleys, and chakras. These designs are easy to create and look amazing on tiny hands.

50+ Latest 2023 Mehndi Designs for Kids and Babies

1. Mehndi Designs for Baby Girl

Mehndi designs for baby girls are usually delicate and dainty, with feminine elements such as flowers, vines, and swirls. These designs are meant to celebrate the beauty and joy of childhood. They’re often used on special occasions like birthdays and family gatherings.

2. Mehndi Designs For Kids Full Hand

Mehndi designs for kids on full hand can be more elaborate and include geometric shapes and larger floral patterns. These designs are best suited for older children who have the patience to wait for an elaborate application.

3. Baby Mehndi Designs

Baby mehndi designs are mostly minimalistic and delicate, with small dots, simple line patterns, and floral motifs. These designs are delicate, adorable, and suitable for babies’ sensitive soft skin.

4. Simple Mehndi Designs for Kids:

Simple mehndi patterns for children are easy to create and do not require a lot of time. These designs usually include simple shapes, lines, dots, and floral patterns. These designs are ideal for children who don’t have the patience to wait for an intricate design.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mehndi Designs for Kids

  1. What are Mehndi designs for kids, and when are they typically applied? 

    The designs are basically created with henna paste and are designed to be decorative on the skin of children. They are usually applied at special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and religious ceremonies.
  2. Are Mehndi designs safe for children’s skin? 

    Yes. Mehndi can be applied to children’s faces and some parts of their bodies. However, It’s important to check the source and quality of henna in order to avoid any potential allergens. It is recommended to perform a skin test prior to application to prevent reactions from your kid.
  3. Can I use natural henna for kids’ mehndi designs? 

    Yes, natural henna is a preferred choice for kids’ mehndi designs. It comes from henna plants and is safe for children. The natural henna leaves a brownish-red stain that gradually fades.
  4. What are some popular themes or motifs used in cute mehndi designs for kids? 

    Popular themes for cute mehndi designs for kids include stars, flowers, butterflies, cartoon characters, and animals. Rainbows and playful patterns also resonate with the interests of kids.
  5. Are there any specific precautions to take while applying mehndi designs on a baby’s delicate skin? 

    Use a minimal amount of henna on the baby’s skin to ensure safety. Avoid large designs and choose small, simple ones. Consult a Mehndi artist who is experienced in applying designs to infants, they will instruct you better.
  6. Do Mehndi designs for kids require any special aftercare?

    Yes, Aftercare involves drying the area for several hours to allow the henna time to set. Encourage your child not to scratch or rub the design. The henna color can be enhanced by using a lemon-sugar mix.
  7. Are there any Mehndi designs suitable for children who have skin allergies or sensitivities? 

    It’s best to do a patch test on children before applying mehndi. Choose a henna that is hypoallergenic and natural to avoid adverse reactions.
  8. What’s the difference between mehndi designs for full hands and those for smaller areas for kids? 

    Designs for kids’ hands will be simpler, may include basic shapes and dots, and feature minimalistic motifs.
  9. Can boys also have mehndi designs, and what designs are popular among them? 

    Of course, they can. Popular designs for boys may include geometric shapes and patterns, tribal patterns, sports motifs, superheroes, or other elements aligned with their interests.
  10. Are there any temporary mehndi options for kids who want to try different designs without a long-lasting commitment? 

    There are options such as temporary mehndi stickers or henna tattoos. They allow kids to try out different designs without committing to traditional mehndi.


In conclusion, mehndi designs for kids provide a charming and creative way to celebrate special occasions and festivities. These designs range from adorable motifs for delicate baby skin to more intricate patterns for older children, often incorporating themes that resonate with their interests. 

Understand that natural henna is a favored choice for its safety, and considerations like patch tests and proper aftercare ensure a positive experience. If you want a temporary option for your kid, I would recommend washable tattoos and stickers because they offer a fun and non-permanent alternative. Ultimately, mehndi’s designs for kids beautifully blend tradition, creativity, and joy, making cherished moments even more memorable.

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