Strong Glue for Nails – Nail Glue Alternatives

Nail glue, as the name implies, is a strong adhesive created for nail applications. It’s made specifically to glue your natural nails to your artificial nails, ensuring they remain in the correct position for a long time. 

Nail glue usually drys quickly, hence providing long-lasting results. However, nail glue can cause issues such as nail abrasion, allergies, or difficulty in removing.

Nail Glue Alternatives – Overview

So if you are in need of a nail glue alternative, then this article is for you.

There are a variety of nail glue alternatives to choose from that are effective. Let’s take a look at the three most common nostril glue alternatives.

Other than polygel base coat, gel base coat, and UV gel, there are many other nail glue options or strong glue for nails to look into.

Top Three Nail Glue Alternatives:

  • Nail Adhesive Tabs
  •  Nail Wraps
  •  Nail Polish

Nail Adhesive Tabs

Nail adhesives were specially designed double-sided tapes that could glue fake nails or press on Nails to your natural nails. They are available in various sizes, making them suitable for various sizes of nails.

The main disadvantage of nail adhesives is that they’re not as durable as nail glue, making them less abrasive and more gentle on your nails.

Advantages of Nail Adhesive Tabs

  1. Simple application: Nail adhesive tabs are easy to apply, and You don’t have to wait for it to dry.
  2.  Removal without damage: They can be removed with ease without damaging the natural nails.
  3.  Reusability: In most cases, nail adhesive can be reused many times, which allows you to switch between various nail styles.
  4. Fast and easy: They are time-saving and ideal for times when you require temporary glue for a nail.

Disadvantages of Nail Adhesive Tabs

  1. Limitation in Durability: Nail adhesive tabs aren’t guaranteed to provide the same longevity as other nail glues. However, they can stay up to 4 weeks.
  2. Bond that is Stronger: The glue strength might be weak; that’s why they are better for artificial nails that are light in weight.
  3. Limitations In size: This is an uncommon issue; in very few cases, the sizes may not fit your artificial nails.

Nail Wraps

Nail Wraps are an alternative to using nail glue, they can be used as a strong glue for nail. Not only do they provide a convenient and mess-free application, but they also offer a wide range of designs that can elevate your nail game to new heights. So why stick with nail glue when you can embrace the versatility and creativity of nail wraps?

Pros of Nail Wraps:

  1. Diversity: Nail wraps come in various colors, patterns, and designs, allowing for innovative and creative art.
  2.  Fast application: Applying nail wraps is easy, making it ideal for those who wish to alter their nail designs regularly.
  3.  Easy Switch: Nail wraps are a temporary solution. They create a temporary bond that allows you to switch between different designs of nails quickly.
  4.  Protective layer: The adhesive layer in nail wraps acts as a protection for your natural nails.

 Cons of Nail Wraps

  1. Limitation in longevity: Nail wraps do not last; they could begin peeling off after a couple of months or weeks.
  2.  Resizing nail wraps to suit the shape and size of your nails isn’t easy; this could result in poor adhesion.
  3. Learning curve: The correct application of nail wraps requires practice and skill to ensure the wrapping process is seamless and smooth.
  4.  Removal procedure removal of nail wraps could require soaking the nail polish removal solution or in warm water, which is time-consuming compared to liquid adhesives.

Nail Polish can be used as an effective alternative to Nail Glue. This versatile product not only enhances the beauty of your nails but also provides a strong bond between the nail and the artificial tips. Additionally, nail polish tends to be more readily available and affordable compared to nail glue, making it a convenient option for those who prefer DIY nail enhancements.

Pros of Nail Polish:

  1. Accessibility: nail polish can be found in most beauty shops and pharmacies, making it easy to get any time, any day. 
  2. Versatility: You can’t go wrong with nail polish; it can be used for any artificial nail.
  3.  Fast drying time: One of the sweetest things about nail polish is the ability to dry fairly quickly, allowing for quicker application than nail adhesive.
  4. Price: Nail polish is generally less expensive than conventional nail glues. This makes it an affordable alternative for repairs that are temporary or adornments.

Cons of Nail Polish

  1. Limited Strength: Nail polish might not have the same amount of durability and strength as nail adhesives with dedicated properties, making it less appropriate for long-term nail attachment.
  2.  Fragile bond: The adhesive strength of nail polishes might fail to hold nails that are heavy or endure the stress of vigorous activities.
  3.  A shorter lifespan: Nail polish that may be damaged over time and may require more frequent application.
  4.  Problems with Removal: Nail polish can require removers or acetone. These could be harsh on your nails if not done carefully.

Can You Use UV Gel as Glue for Fake Nails?

UV gel has become a sought-after cosmetic nail product used in nail salons for professional use. However, it is mainly used to make overlays or extensions. I have used UV gel as an alternative glue, so it could be a perfect option for you.

Can You Use Polygel as Glue for Press-On Nails?

Polygel is a well-known nail enhancement product renowned for its flexibility and user-friendliness. It is commonly used to make overlays or extensions; a few people have considered using it as a glue that can be used for nail press-on.

FAQs About Nail Glue Alternatives

  1. Can I use super glue as an alternative to nail glue

    The FDA has not recommended using superglue as an alternative to nail glue. The glue you use is not designed for nail applications and could cause injury to your nails and the skin.
  2. Are there any natural alternatives to nail glue?

    Certain people use organic alternatives like aloe vera gel tea tree oil and even clear adhesive tapes. But their effectiveness may differ, so it’s vital to be cautious and do your study before attempting them.
  3. Can I use alternative nail glues to repair nail damage

    Yes, nail glue alternatives can be utilized to repair nail damage; however, it’s based on the severity of the damage. But, it is essential to determine the particular glue strength and its appropriateness for repair before using them.
  4. How long do nail glue alternatives generally last?

    Duration of the nail glue alternatives is dependent on factors like the type of glue used for nail preparation, the type of nail, and everyday activities. They can generally last from a couple of days to several weeks.
  5. How long do these Nail Glue Alternatives Last

    Though some nail glues offer great adhesion, it’s usually advised to break the applications to allow your natural nails to breathe and keep their overall health.


There are tons of nail glue alternatives; however, it’s best to do your independent research before using any of the alternatives. From my experience, the Nail Wraps would be the best nail glue alternative, it’s durable and can be found in any supermarkets. It’s last longer also and can fit in any nail type.

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