(Pictures) How To Remove Glue on Nails with or without Acetone

Nail glue can cause serious problems during manicures; if you don’t get them out on time, you won’t be happy with yourself. The sticky residue can stick to the nails and cause damage to your natural nails, hence preventing you from applying your lovely acrylic nails. This article will tackle how to remove nail glue with or without acetone.

Importance of Removing Nail Glue 

If the glue is left on nails for too long, it can dry out the cuticles and cause cracking and splitting. The glue can also trap bacteria or dirt, leading to serious infections.

Know the Glue type first

The first thing you need to know before you remove glue from your nail is the type of glue used for your nails. It is crucial to identify what type of glue you have before you try to remove it from your nails. This will help you know the best approach to removing the glue on your nails.

The strong and fast-drying adhesive cyanoacrylate, also known as super glue, is a type of glue that can be used to attach artificial nails or make quick repairs. This glue forms a strong bond and dries quickly, so it is difficult to remove once it has dried.

On the other hand, Latex glue can be used to attach artificial nails, and It is flexible and soft glue that can be easily removed once it has been softened. While latex glue is generally less damaging to nails than cyanoacrylate, it can cause cracking and dryness if left on nails for too long.

Another type of nail glue is water-based adhesive, polyvinyl alcohol acetate (PVA) glue, which is used mostly for crafting projects and long-term nail manicure. It is much easier to remove than latex or cyanoacrylate. However, PVA glue can cause dryness and cracking if it is left on nails for too long.

In essence, It is crucial to identify the glue type in order to determine the best way to remove it. Acetone is effective in removing cyanoacrylate, but warm soapy waters are better at removing PVA. You can identify the type of glue so that you know the best solvent and method to remove it.

Removing Glue on Nail With

Now that your acrylics have been on for a while, or even a month now, it’s time to go back to normal nails, or Perhaps you’re not ready for them anymore?

You shouldn’t be scared; nail glue can be removed no matter how long it has been on your nails; however, the longer it stays in your nails, the higher the probability of getting your natural nails damaged.

Having them removed at the nearest or favorite nail salon is unnecessary because you can remove them from the comfort of your home. Save some cash, and let’s fix it together. Oops!

There are basically three steps to remove glue on your nails:

1. Softening the Glue

2. Leave it to Dry

3. Scrape the damm glue off!

How to Remove nail Glue Using Acetone

Softening the Glue

Acetone is a powerful solvent that is extremely effective in removing superglue (cyanoacrylate). Acetone, which is a colorless and flammable fluid, is commonly used as a solvent to remove artificial nails and other beauty products.

Here is the process:

Soak a cotton ball in the acetone solvent to remove the glue from your finger or toenails. 

Next, place the cotton ball on the affected nail. The cotton ball should be left on the nail for at least 30 seconds to soften the glue. 


Leave the acetone to stay on your nails. The amount of time the acetone should be on your nails determines how long the glue has been on your nails.

Leave it to dry before scraping it off, which will help pull out the glue from the nails. This can be time-consuming, the second method should help you save time, but the use of acetone does the job better.


Once the glue has softened and dried, gently scrape the nail with a toothbrush. If necessary, repeat the process until all of it is removed; in most cases, if the acetone is left for a longer time, the nails tend to pull off by themselves, leaving you with your natural nails only.

Lastly, you must note that acetone can be very irritating to the skin and nails, so it is important to use caution. Avoid dryness and nail damage by sparingly using acetone; if you are not confident enough to use acetone, please use the second method. You should also moisturize the nails afterward because acetone is highly flammable, so avoid heat sources and flames.

2nd Method: Remove Glue from Nails without Acetone 

We will still use the previous approach, which are:

1. Softening the Glue

2. Leave it to Dry

3. Scrape the damm glue off!

Removing glue on Nail Using warm soapy Water

Don’t skip any step, please! This method is very easy, and anyone can do it; you just need warm water and soap.

Softening the glue

Boil 1 liter of water, don’t make it too hot, as it might hurt your skin. Next, get a bowl, pour the warm water inside, and mix it with soap; soap can literally work.

Next, dip your fingers or toenails into the warm for about 15 minutes; during this process, check if some of the nails have started pulling off.


After 15 minutes or less, proceed to dring your toes or fingernails with a towel. Even as you are drying them, you will notice that the glue has started coming off.

You might need to repeat this process several times to achieve a better result depending on how long the glue has been on your nails, unlike the use of acetone, which could be done once and for all.


Gently scrape off the glue using a toothbrush. As I mentioned before, this process might need to be repeated to get the desired results.

How to Remove Glue on Press on nails 

Removing glue on press-on nails is the same process as acrylic nails. We will be discussing the use of soapy water in this case.

First, boil the water, don’t make it too hot, as it might burn your skin. Dip your finger or toenails into the water; this allows soapy water to penetrate the nails. 

Next, In a bowl, combine soap and oil. After that, soak your nails for about 10-15 minutes. To remove the glue, rub your hands together with warm water after they have been soaked. 

You can look for any edges that are lifting already; use a cuticle pusher to gently pry the nails off. You can soak the nails for another few minutes if they are not coming off. 

Next, Use a nail file once the nails have been removed to remove any nail glue.

Remove Glue on Press on Nail Without alcohol or non-acetone 

You can remove press-on nails with alcohol or non-acetone nail polish remover. This allows the solution to reach the nails’ base and dissolve the glue. 

First, soak your nails in the alcohol or nail varnish remover for 2-3 minutes; if the nails still aren’t coming off, soak them for longer. It’s important that you moisturize your nails and cuticles once you have removed them.


To remove glue from nails:

  1. Identify the type, then soften it with acetone, alcohol, or warm soapy water.
  2. Use a manicure instrument to gently scrape the glue off.
  3. Rinse the nails with water and moisturize them.

Proper nail care is crucial for strong and healthy nails. You can prevent dryness by moisturizing your nails and regularly removing any glue.

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