Three Dots Tattoo Meaning – Cultural and Spiritual Meaning

Every tattoo has its meaning. The Three Dots tattoos have become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially in the United States and among past prisoners. This tattoo comprises three dots in a triangular shape and but it holds a lot of meaning. In this article, we will explore three dots of tattoo meaning and design ideas.

History of Three Dots Tattoo

For you to fully appreciate the three-dot tattoo, you need to understand the history of the tattoo.

 According to some sources, the tattoo originated in Hispanic American prison cultures where three dots stood for the phrase “mi loca” or “my crazy lifestyle.” The phrase reminded people of their past and made them move on with life.

So, we can say that the three dots tattoo started in prison, and it is a symbol of hope. It doesn’t mean that you are seen as a prisoner when you draw the three dots tattoo. 

Meaning of Three Dots Tattoo

The meaning of Three dots tattoos represents the Latin American concept of “mi Vida Loca, ” translated as “my crazy lifestyle” in English. This meaning originated from prison and symbolizes the kind of lifestyle people in prison lived.

Understand that each dot represents a word and are kept close together for many reasons. Many crews and gangs in Central America who live a “gangster lifestyle” use this expression.

In terms of location, The three dot tattoos are often applied to hands or fingers to draw attention from people. The three-dot form is often used to signify gang membership when someone is in prison. I.e., A gang member might get a tattoo of three dots on the hand instead of the face because he belongs to a particular group of persons. This is to hide the tattoo from the authorities and let other members of the gang know the person belongs to their group.

The location of the three dots indicates visible crimes in the environment. Some people get their tattoos on the arm, while others have them placed right next to their eye. 

Sometimes, gang members have no choice because all of their members are tattooed with the three dots in the exact same spot.

Cultural Meaning of Three Dots Tattoo

The three-dot tattoo is associated with Hispanic culture in most prisons and has many cultural meanings. It can represent the past, present, and future in some cultures. This is a way to show a connection with one’s journey by representing the body, mind, and spirit in other cultures, stressing the importance of harmony and balance.

Spiritual Meaning of Three Dots Tattoo

In the spiritual aspect, the three-dot has its own meaning. It represents the holy trinity which represents the Father, Son, and holy ghost. It can also be interpreted as the representation of divine femininity, the dots representing the aspects of Maiden, Mother, and Crone.


There are many meanings associated with the three-dot tattoo. It’s commonly located by the side of the eye or on the hand, which symbolizes affiliation with major criminal groups in most cases. The three-dot tattoos are often identical, which helps gang members easily identify one another.

It’s important to know the meaning of a tattoo before applying it, know what you want in a tattoo, and go for it. If you want a tattoo that reflects your past life, then the three dots tattoo is perfect for you.

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