Find Out if Vans are Non Slip – Benefits and Perfect for Slippery Places like Restaurant

Are Vans Non slip?

Yes, Vans are typically non slip. Their rubber sole on the Vans is what does the magic; they make the van slip resistant and hence suitable for most kinds of jobs.

Benefits Non-slip Vans

Unmatched Traction

One of the most important benefits of Non-slip Vans is that they can effectively grip surfaces, whether wet or oily. They are a great choice for those working in areas with a high risk of slips and falls, like restaurants, kitchens, or hospitals.

Safety and Stability

Non slip Vans tend to allow wearers to confidently move through hazardous environments without fear of slipping and falling. This ensures that the wearer has a firm footing hence reducing workplace injuries.

Comfy All-Day Wear

Vans is committed to providing comfort in all of its shoes, including non-slip ones. Vans have been known to be equipped with supportive midsoles that cushion the feet and provide comfort during long days or shifts.

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Biggest Question: Are All Vans non-slip?

Vans has a unique non-slip tread pattern that appears on all classic Vans models. Classic styles could include Old Skools Vans Slip, Sk8 Hi, Eras Vans, and Authentic Vans. 

In a nutshell, all Classic Vans have non-slip soles. I have had experience with the most common Vans, and I can confirm that most are non-slip.

Are Vans Non slip shoes for Restaurants

Yes, Vans are perfect shoes if you are a worker in a restaurant. Slipping and getting injured is not something anyone wants to experience. Vans are aware of this and offer a variety of slip-resistant shoes designed for restaurants like jobs.

As I said earlier, vans have durable rubber outer soles and tread patterns designed to provide excellent grip on a variety of surfaces, including greasy and wet floors.

How to Make your Vans More Anti-Slip

Vans have excellent anti-slip qualities, but you can enhance them by taking a few extra steps. Modifying your shoes could affect the warranty and durability of your shoe. Proceed with caution. Here are a few tips on how to make Vans shoes even non-slipper:

  1. Stickers or Traction Pads: Buy adhesive traction stickers or pads designed for shoes. You can find these in shops or online. They come in different sizes and shapes; all you need do is peel and stick the traction strips to your Vans’ outsoles, and you are good to go.
  2. Shoe Grit or Sandpaper: Brush gently the soles with fine-grit shoe grit or sandpaper. The rougher the surface, the better your shoes grip slippery surfaces. I will advise you to avoid over-abrasion, which can damage your shoes entirely.
  3. DIY traction Spray: You can make your own traction spray using equal amounts of rubber cement and water. The solution should be applied to outsoles and allowed to dry completely. Rubber cement improves the traction of a sole by adding tackiness; amazing, right?
  4. Tread Enhancers: You can use a tread enhancer for shoes. These products increase friction on the shoes’ outsole, making them slip-resistant.

FAQs on Non – Slip Vans

Can Checkered Vans Be Non-Slip?

Due to their vulcanized rubber outsoles, Checkered Vans would not slip. Waffle-style patterns on the soles provide excellent grip while walking or running.

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Where to buy Non Slip Vans in 2023

  1. Vans Official Website: is the official Vans site, where you can find Vans footwear in a variety of styles, including slip-resistant and non-slip. Shop online and browse their collection.
  2. Authorized Retail Stores for Vans: Many retail stores around the world sell Vans slip-resistant shoes. Vans stores may have slip-resistant Vans. Check your local Vans to find out.
  3. Online Retailers Sites like Amazon, Zappos, and Foot Locker carry Vans footwear, which includes non-slip shoes. Read product reviews and descriptions to make sure you are buying slip-resistant Vans.
  4. Local Shoe Stores: Several local shoe shops may carry non-slip Vans. Call ahead to confirm their stock or check out their website.
  5. Vans Outlet Stores Vans Outlet Stores can be an excellent place to get slip-resistant Vans models for discounted prices. When visiting an outlet, check their stock or ask about the availability.


It’s evident that vans are typically non slip. Hence they are suitable for most jobs. You can buy them from their official website,, or visit Amazon to purchase nonslip vans.

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