20+ Three Cross Tattoo Ideas and Meaning.

Cross tattoo is no doubt a popular way to express your religious beliefs and identity. The 3 cross tattoo is a variation of the cross tattoo that represents the holy trinity in the Christian world.

The 3 Cross tattoo is very popular with tattoo lovers who want to express their faith. Believers do not just adopt it but also for cultural reasons and due to the beautiful designs of this tattoo.

Let’s now focus on the three cross tattoos. This tattoo typically features three crosses, with the center cross often being larger than its flanking ones. Each element is represented by the following:

Meaning of 3 Cross Tattoo

The Central Cross (Jesus Christ’s Cross)

In most cases, the central cross of a three-cross design represents Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. The crucifix typically represents the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for the redemption and salvation of mankind. It is a powerful symbol of faith, love, and divine grace and serves as a powerful reminder for Christians of Jesus’ sufferings on the cross and of the promise of eternal salvation through faith in Him.

The Left Cross, also known as the Thief Cross

The left cross of a three-cross design is usually associated with the thief crucified alongside Jesus. According to the Bible, one of the thieves mocked Jesus, while the other expressed regret and asked forgiveness. The left cross is the Penitent thief’s Cross, which symbolizes repentance, forgiveness, and redemption even when wrongdoing has occurred. It is a symbol of the potential of transformation and the power of repentance.

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The Right Cross

The right cross on a tattoo of three crosses represents the cross worn by the impenitent, unrepentant thief. This thief, who is usually depicted rejecting Jesus or refusing to admit his sins, is shown as rejecting Jesus. The right cross contrasts with the Penitent thief’s cross and represents the results of non-repentance.

New 3 Cross Tattoo Ideas for you

1. 3 cross tattoo on fingers

2. 3 cross tattoo on thigh

3. Three cross tattoo with numbers

4. Iconic 3 cross tattoo

5. 3 cross tattoo beside ear

6. 3 cross tattoo on arm

7. 3 cross tattoo on neck

8. Cross tattoo on hand

9. 3 cross tattoo on leg

10. Cross tattoo on shoulder

11. Conventional Cross Tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are 3 Cross tattoos only for religious people?

The three Cross tattoos may be associated with Christianity but are not only for religious people. Cross tattoos are popular for aesthetic reasons or personal meanings.

2. Are there different styles for the 3 cross tattoos?

3 Cross tattoos are available in many styles, including Celtic, Gothic, tribal, and simple line designs. The style can affect the overall appearance and feel of a tattoo.

3. Do 3 cross tattoos need to be a specific size or in a particular location?

The size and placement of 3 cross tattoos are often a matter of personal preference. They can be large or small and placed in different places on the body. Size and placement can be a personal choice.


The 3 cross tattoo is a perfect choice for you if you want a tattoo that talks about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In as much as this tattoo is a religious-based tattoo, anyone can get it, whether a Christian or a Muslim. 

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