30 Unexpected thing to Bring to College that you wouldn’t think off

Going to college is one thing; knowing unexpected things to bring to college is another. In this article, I have compiled 30 things to bring to college that you wouldn’t think of, stay glued.

A few years ago, when I was in college, I never knew unexpected things to bring to college. When I get there, I will see the need and regret; I’m here to help because I have been in your situation. 

30 Unexpected Things to Bring to College

Sewing Kit

Those minor cuts you get on your clothes won’t repair themselves. You need a sewing kit. As a college student, this is one of the vital things you need.

Set of command brackets

These can help organize your hostel by hanging up photos, towels, and clothes. This tool will also prevent you from sharing space with your colleagues; you’d be in charge of your properties. Hence it’s a perfect thing to bring to college that you wouldn’t think of.

Portable phone charger

With all that time spent in class or on campus, a portable charger can keep your phone charged and ready for use. It’s more like a power bank; you might not always have access to a power supply. 

Foam Rollers

They are great for strengthening aching muscles after a long day of study or a workout. After a hectic lecture and you need a place to relax, foam rollers will do the work.

Reusable water Bottles

Store reasonable amounts of water with it; these can keep you hydrated while on the move and help save money on purchasing bottled water. So it’s a must for every student to have.

A rechargeable fan

This is an excellent option if your dorm has no air conditioning or poor ventilation. The good thing is they can be recharged and used later in case you don’t have access to electricity.

A foldable drying Rack

This is an excellent option if you have to wash your clothes by hand or just want to dry them. I love this tool because it’s very portable and can be carried anywhere around the campus. Also, you don’t have to share the drying line with other colleagues.

Portable Humidifier

A portable humidifier is a great option, especially when the heat is on in the colder months. This is a perfect example of unexpected things to bring to college.

A small tool kit

This is excellent for making small repairs or putting together furniture. The tool kit can contain hammers, pliers, nails etc. Not a must to have to buy necessary as you might find the usefulness in the long run.

First aid kit

This is one of the most important tools everyone should have; health is a delicate issue you should pay attention to, and you never know what might happen. Having a first aid kit can help you to be ready for anything.

A small whiteboard 

This is ideal for writing notes and reminders or brainstorming ideas. Not necessary, but you can add it to your list.

Set of silicone food bags 

You don’t want to get messy with your leftovers. Get a set of silicon food bags, Ideal for packing snacks and leftovers in your dorm or taking them with you when you go.

Set of playing cards

This is a fun way to socialize with friends and relax in your dorm; after a hectic lecture, a set of playing cards can be used to cool off.

Surge protection power strip

This is a great way to protect your electronics from damage as a result of high voltage. So if you have many gadgets, this is an ideal tool.

Cleaning supplies

It might seem like you’ll tidy your room once you go to college. It will eventually get very disgusting, and I don’t hate to say it. It would help if you cleaned up any spillages of vodka or Naked Juice on your rug, no matter how hard you try.

Clorox wipes and dish soap are essential for college. Your mom will not be there to clean up the mess you make. I know this because I have had to do it myself.

Pepper Spray

This is one unexpected thing you can bring to college. It’s a shame I have to mention it.

However, ladies, you need to read this! Walking home after class can be very scary if you do it alone. Even though I hope you will never need pepper spray, keep it handy just in case.

Extra socks/underwear

These will be gone quickly. Although you may think you have enough underwear, you’ll soon realize you don’t. 

Lap Desk

A lap desk is a perfect tool for college students! A lap desk is an excellent choice if you’re taking lectures online and you want to learn on your bed.

An old photo album

You might find that looking back at old photos brings back beautiful memories. You will be able to laugh, cry, or smile at every photo, regardless of whether it’s the one from your previous birthday party or where you were with old friends.

Water Filter Brita

A Brita is the best gift you can have, and it’s much better than water bottles which take up space and are also bad for the environment.

This pitcher filters tap water, so you don’t have to worry about it. This pitcher is a great deal for college!

Decorations Materials

You will need this during the festive seasons when your favourite holiday arrives! You can bring everything you need to college, from scary Jack O’ Lanterns to twinkly string lights to brighten up your hostel room to ensure that you are holiday-deco-ready.

A Door Stop

This is my best tool so far, maybe because I don’t like people in my space. A door stopper will prevent people from entering your space without your consent, and this will prevent familiarity, so it’s an unexpected thing to bring to college.


In conclusion, we are always eager to go back to college. However, it’s of great importance to know what to take along with us. The things to bring to college that you wouldn’t think of are mostly the necessary things that we need and ignore.

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