Top 10 70s Fashion Women – Disco Fashion and 70s Black Women Fashion

What the 70s Fashion (Men and Women) Was all about

When you hear bell-backside jeans, tie-dye shirts, and jumpsuits, you’d be talking about the 70s fashion, other famous 70s fashion styles included maxi clothes, hot pants, and sundresses. 

70s Disco Fashion – Overview

In the 1970s, disco fashion was distinguished by flashy, glamorous clothing and accessories, often worn while dancing in discotheques (hence the name “disco”). This included tight-fitting polyester suits and dresses, platform shoes, and flashy jewelry. Men’s suits often featured wide lapels and flared trousers, while women’s dresses were often form-fitting and low-cut.

The disco aesthetic was all about making a statement and standing out on the dance floor, so bold colors and prints were also popular. In addition, afros and other natural hairstyles were popular among both men and women in the disco scene.

10 Popular 1970s Fashion Women Trends

Bell Bottom

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Bell bottoms, a style of pants with flared legs, were originally popular among the counterculture groups of the 1960s, such as hippies and beatniks. However, they eventually became a mainstream fashion trend for both men and women in the 1970s.

The flared pant legs of bell-bottoms gave wearers a unique silhouette, with the extra fabric draping around their ankles. These pants were often made from lightweight materials like denim, corduroy, and velvet, which made them comfortable to wear and fashionable at the same time.

In addition to being stylish, bell bottoms also had a practical use, as the flared legs allowed for ease of movement, particularly when participating in activities like dancing.

Maxi Dresses

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In the 1970s, the maxi dress was one of the most stylish and enduring fashion sense. It featured a long, flowing silhouette and was known for its simple construction, making it a versatile and easy-to-wear piece.

Maxi dresses of the 1970s were available in a wide range of designs, colors, and styles, so there was something for everyone. Some had high necklines, while others had scooped necklines.

Some were fitted, and some were loose and billowy. Some had long sleeves, while others had short sleeves or were sleeveless. Some were even paired with matching jackets to create a more sophisticated look. Overall, the maxi dress was a versatile and fashionable choice that remains popular today.

Flared Denim

Flared denim jeans are characterized by their bell-bottom shape that widens from the knee to the ankle. This style became popular in the 1970s and has remained a recognizable fashion trend from this era.

Flared denim was often paired with wide belts, platform shoes, and tight tops to create a signature look of the 1970s. Today, this style of jeans is still considered versatile, as it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Flared denim is available in a range of colors and fabrics and can be found in both high-waisted and low-rise styles. Whether you’re going for a retro-inspired look or just want to add a touch of 1970s style to your outfit, flared denim is a great choice.

Flared Jumpsuits

The 70s were a decade known for its bold and expressive fashion trends, and the flared jumpsuit for women was no exception. This iconic style has not only stood the test of time but has also become an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe.

The flared-leg jumpsuit is a favorite among fashion enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. This versatile piece can be worn to the beach, a party, or just while hanging out at home. The flared leg design gives the jumpsuit a sense of movement and energy, making it perfect for any activity.

The flared jumpsuit is stylish and practical and made from soft and comfortable materials. It allows for ease of movement, making it perfect for busy days on the go. The jumpsuit can be paired with boots for a versatile look that can be worn anywhere. And with its range of colors, it’s easy to find one that suits your personal style.

Overall, the 70s flared jumpsuit for women is a fashionable and practical choice that will never go out of style.


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In the 1970s, fashion was all about making a statement with bold and bright colors. One way that women embraced this trend was by wearing formal suits. These suits were fitted jackets with wide shoulders, long sleeves, and a clean, untrimmed bottom edge. They were designed to be comfortable and stylish, making them perfect for both work and after-work events.

While formal suits are a classic and timeless style, one thing that was often missing from these outfits was a tie or bow tie. However, this may have simply been due to the fact that many people didn’t know how to tie one back then. Overall, formal suits were a popular and fashionable choice for women in the 1970s, and they remain a popular and versatile choice today.

Knitted Dress 

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A knitted dress from the 1970s would have been a stylish and comfortable choice for women of that time. Knitted dresses were often made from soft and stretchy materials, such as wool or jersey, which made them comfortable to wear and easy to move in. They could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and could be paired with a range of accessories to create different looks.

In the 1970s, knitted dresses were available in a variety of styles, including mini dresses, maxi dresses, and tunic dresses. They could be found in an array of colors and patterns, from bold and vibrant to more neutral and subtle tones. Knitted dresses were popular for women of all ages and remain a fashionable and practical choice today.

Basket Bags

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Basket bags were a popular fashion accessory in the 1970s. These bags were made from woven materials, such as straw, rattan, or wicker, and were shaped like baskets. They were often large and roomy, making them practical for carrying all of your essentials.

Basket bags were versatile accessories that could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They were popular for beach trips and summer events but could also be dressed up with the right outfit for a more formal occasion. Basket bags were available in a range of styles and sizes and could be found in natural tones or colorful, patterned versions.

Today, basket bags are making a comeback as a popular fashion accessory, and they can be found in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a practical beach bag or a stylish accessory for a night out, a basket bag is a great choice.

Platform Shoes 

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Platform shoes were a popular shoe style in the 1970s. These shoes had thick soles that were often two inches or more in height and were designed to give the wearer added height and a bold, fashionable look.

Platform shoes were available in a range of styles, including sandals, boots, and sneakers, and they were often made from materials such as leather or suede.

In the 1970s, platform shoes were a popular choice for both men and women, and they were often worn with bell-bottom jeans or flared pants to create a signature look of the era.

Today, platform shoes are still a popular choice, and they can be found in a variety of styles and materials, from classic leather to more modern, trendy materials like PVC. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for everyday wear or a bold and fashionable statement piece, platform shoes are a great choice.


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Clogs were a popular shoe style in the 1970s. These shoes were made from wood or synthetic materials and featured a closed toe and an open back. They were often worn by both men and women and were known for their comfort and practicality.

In the 1970s, clogs were available in a variety of styles, including low-heeled and high-heeled versions. They could be found in natural tones or in various colors and patterns, and they were often worn with casual and formal outfits. Clogs were also popular among healthcare professionals, as they were easy to slip on and off and provided good support for the feet.

Today, clogs are still a popular shoe choice, particularly for those who are looking for a comfortable and practical footwear option. They can be found in a range of materials, including wood, leather, and synthetic materials, and in a variety of styles and colors. Clogs are a great choice whether you’re looking for a casual shoe for everyday wear or a more formal option.

Head Scarf

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Head scarves were a popular fashion accessory in the 1970s, particularly among women. These scarves were made from a variety of materials, such as silk, cotton, or polyester, and were worn around the head or neck for both fashion and functional purposes.

In the 1970s, head scarves were available in various styles and patterns and could be found in solid colors and colorful, printed versions. They were often worn as a way to keep the hair in place or to protect the head from the sun, but they were also used as a fashionable accessories.

Head scarves could be worn with various outfits, from casual jeans and t-shirts to formal dresses, and they were a popular choice for everyday wear and special occasions.

Today, headscarves are still a popular fashion accessory, and they can be found in a variety of materials, styles, and patterns. Whether you’re looking for a functional way to keep your hair in place or a stylish way to accessorize your outfit, a head scarf is a great choice.

Let’s Summarize

In conclusion, the 1970s was a decade of great style and fashion. Though trends such as afros and bell bottoms may seem dated by today’s standards, it is clear that the decade has influenced the fashion world. Many of the styles, materials, and prints popular in the ’70s have been revived into modern wardrobe staples. 1970s fashion was an era full of life and color that continues to inspire us today.

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